UNICEF France is now accepting cryptocurrency donations. This is a bid by the humanitarian organization to expand its sources of donations. Well-wishers can now donate Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash through the UNICEF website.

There is also the option of lending your computing power to be used to mine coins. This model is similar to the one unveiled by UNICEF Australia earlier in the year. Users can mine the other currencies on the list except for Ripple, Stellar and EOS which are not mineable.

For UNICEF Australia, well-wishers, however, have to visit their page called Homepage and explicitly give permission for their computing resources to be used. Users could also decide how much of their resources they are willing to give up at a time.

Crowdsourcing computing power is now a growing trend and is being used for a wide array of projects including for research purposes. This is made possible by blockchain technology.

A game changer is another such initiative which targeted gamers. The funds were being raised to help children in Syria with more than 3000 ETH raised by March.

This highlights the positive uses of the concept. On the flip side, computer users are increasingly under the threat of cryptojacking – the use of one’s computing resources without their permission. Attackers often inject scripts into websites for use in minting coins for themselves. Data shows that these kinds of attacks have increased to worrying levels this year alone.

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