Tim Draper: Blockchain could create the perfect government bureaucracy


American venture capitalist and investor Tim Draper was present at the GovTech conference in Vienna. In the opening speech, Draper said that blockchain could create the perfect government bureaucracy.

According to Tim if we combine Bitcoin, blockchain with smart contracts and artificial intelligence, we could create the perfect bureaucracy.

He exemplified his viewpoint by referring to the healthcare sector:

“Citizens could store all relevant health data, such as X-rays, DNA analyses, blood tests, and other findings on a blockchain, where an automated system could continuously analyze them with artificial intelligence and send recommendations and warnings to individuals”

In agreement with Draper, once all this information has been stored on a blockchain, the patient can move from a place where the health bureaucracy is tiresome and inefficient. Since his information is on the blockchain, the new doctors can easily access them and give their diagnosis.

In a world where technology is breaking down geographical barriers, those governments will have to compete for citizens by providing better-value services.

Blockchain is the perfect bureaucrat, it’s the perfect government official. It’s incorruptible, it’s fair, it’s honest. It just gets the job done. It’s the most efficient thing ever.


Draper continues to see great potential for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Recently he affirmed that this revolution is bigger than the internet, the Iron Age, and the Renaissance.

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