Samsung is just about to release its flagship smartphone, Galaxy S10. But that is not big news.

The news is just a confirmation of the rumors that have been around the internet speculating that Samsung is about to make adoption of cryptocurrencies mainstream.

What is fascinating is the fact one of its main features is that it will store private keys which makes it a cryptocurrency wallet for various coins.

The new smartphone will have four variations which include Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10 5G. Some of the most striking features of this phone include three rear cameras, a single front camera, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and a 6.1 display.

According to company’s statement about the phone, it will provide groundbreaking innovations for those consumers who want ultimate mobility, fastest speeds available, digitized data experience for movies, music, messages, images, and money.

The new smartphone will also have ‘intelligent Wi-Fi’ that enables switching between LTE and Wi-Fi. Its Artificial Intelligence capabilities will also allow the smartphone to learn the apps that a customer uses most and enable fast launch.

Early rumors highlighted the smartphone would only support Ethereum on its wallet. However, the presale picture featured bitcoin, and some people argued that it must be a hitch of some kind.

To clear the air, Samsung issued an official statement which indicates the flagship phone will feature Samsung-Knox and secure storage which is backed by hardware and will house private keys for mobile services that are powered by a blockchain platform.

Samsung Knox is all about the security of the phone and its components.

According to reports, it will verify the integrity of the smartphone constantly by conducting numerous security checks at both the Operating System and hardware levels.

The device will come with the Exynos 9820 chip and back it up with PUF technology. The Exynos 9820 chip is the ideal processor if Samsung opts to have a native cryptocurrency. Samsung has not yet confirmed whether it will feature a native wallet or will allow 3rd party developers.

However, Samsung cannot brag to be the first smartphone manufacturer and supplier to produce a device with blockchain capabilities. HTC manufactured Exodus 1 and marketed it as a ‘smartphone built for this new internet.’

Sirin Labs also late last year built Finney after a successful ICO. This smartphone as well comes with a full-scale crypto wallet. The good thing with Samsung is that it will feature crypto support in its flagship model. Its competitors like Huawei are speculating manufacturing a blockchain smartphone which can be a game changer.

Samsung S10 – Gamers corner

Galaxy is not for crypto enthusiasts alone but gamers as well. It will feature AI-based on-device software that optimizes gaming performance. It will also come with premium hardware such as Dolby Atmos that supports gaming mode and a cooling system on the vapor chamber. Of all the mobile devices created on the Unity platform, Samsung S10 will be the first one that is optimized for gaming.

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