Since the first set of Samsung Galaxy S10’s leaked of images surfaced early this year, the internet has grown restless. Worldwide, users are sharing what they believe the Giant Tech company will feature in its latest release of the Galaxy S series.

However, the latest leak has sent the crypto industry into a frenzy. The leaked photo showed what looked like a cryptocurrency wallet, named Samsung Blockchain KeyStore, supporting Etherum. The picture which was shared by Twitter user Ben Geskin was sourced from the serial gadget leaker Evan Blass. These latest leaks are more of an improvement from the past ones.

With February as the anticipated release month, Samsung has remained very secretive over what to expect in the new gadget. The only glimpse is the ‘future unfolds’ banners which were rolled out in Paris streets.

It is believed that Samsung will revolutionize the tech industry by introducing the foldable tablet phone-hybrid gadgets. The company will mark its 10th birthday on 20th February which is the release date for the S10.

What does the leak mean to Cryptocurrency industry?

The cheers that greeted the news of Samsung Blockchain KeyStore inclusion in the new S10 phone was expected.

According to the splash page, the feature is described as ‘secure and safe for all your cryptocurrency needs.’ The feature allows users to use biometric security technology as well as import and use of cryptocurrencies such as Etherum.

According to the images, there seemed to be room for more cryptocurrency as the graphics looked like bitcoins and the phone is still a prototype. A lot can change before the launch.

The inclusion of an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet in Samsung devices will be more secure than other android cryptocurrency wallets.

In July Last year, Samsung hinted on plans to introduce a most secure device to run cryptocurrency which will be integrated into a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a mission they have not failed on.

Unlike, laptops and other Android run cryptocurrency systems, the data saved inside the Trusted Execution Environment cannot be altered by commands from the operating systems. This makes it impossible to breach into the TEE and tamper with the contents.

Secondly, when phones utilize TEE systems, the transactions and operations in your crypto wallets are faster, efficient and secure compared to Android Apps and laptops. The introduction of Samsung Blockchain KeyStore will, therefore, have devastating effects on laptop-based programs.

According to Joel Snyder, a senior IT consultant and Samsung Insights contributor states that “This is why smartphones have the edge over laptops and desktops for cryptocurrency wallets: without the benefits of the hardware-based TEE, the keys are more vulnerable.”

Companies like HTC that are working on android blockchain phones will suffer a blow if Samsung introduces the native bitcoin and Etherum in its S10 model. Samsungs system is stronger and more secure than any other in the market.

Apart from the crypto wallet feature, S10 is set to come in three sizes with the most powerful being a 6.4-inch gadget with three rear cameras, the new Exynos chip including a Neural Processing Unit, a wireless charging system, and an in-play.

We will get to know all the features when the new S10 is released on 20th February in San Francisco.

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