Bitcoin Cash Advocate Roger Ver and Olivier Janssen CEO at FreeSociety, raised over $100 million towards setting up a libertarian state powered by cryptocurrency.

In an interview, Ver said residents of this yet to be founded nation will experience how it is to live without a government. Ver said he is exploring a model similar to an ICO to enable people to participate in the libertarian project. Ver is now seeking to buy land from a willing government to try out the idea. All human interactions will be governed by the initial constitution, a set of rules residents will sign up to.

“We’re looking to have a way for the public to participate in the idea is to find a government around the world and pay them a whole bunch of money for a bunch of land that they will actually grant sovereignty to. We’ll set up the world’s very first non-country in which all human reactions are basically set by the initial constitution,” he said in an interview with EAK TV.

Roger Ver who is a strong bitcoin advocate said he is interested to see what kind of institutions that will result from the arrangement.

It seems libertarians have everything to be excited about for now. But even for skeptics, it will be a chance to prove that this sort of thing cannot work.

Libertarianism stresses the idea of individual liberty and autonomy. For libertarians, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide a very convenient tool to conduct transactions outside government control.

Bitcoin came into being in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis largely due to uncontrolled lending. Unlike fiat, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are fixed in quantity, a design meant to make them anti-inflationary.

For now, Olivier Janssen, who is supposed to be executing the plan is having some trouble with authorities but the project is expected to “move ahead faster” from next year, Ver says.

Known as a controversial figure, Roger Ver earned the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus” for his strong advocacy for cryptocurrency. He was an early bitcoin investor and went on to fund several cryptocurrency startups.

Ver has been floating the idea of a libertarian utopia (non-country as he calls it) since at least 2017 under his Free Society project.

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