Artificial Intelligence is a practice or rather a theory of making machines able to perform tasks as humanly as possible. To make AI work at its best, programmers need to make use of deep learning, neural networks, and machine learning as well. However, researches have shown a recent and growing trend. We need to integrate blockchain with Artificial Intelligence to achieve more efficiency and security.

Let’s shed light on a couple of reasons as to why it is important to merge the two techs.

Tracking and understanding

Artificial Intelligence is insanely efficient than humans. While we work with two variables, it can handle hundreds at a time. Moreover, its ability to learn, store and recall information on a massive scale makes it stand out.

When an AI system is deployed, it requires some months and even years to actually ‘learn’ everything. During that time, humans are required to assess or ‘audit’ its moves.

Let’s say an AI-based system is deployed to flag all fraudulent transactions. Now it will ‘learn’ about the nature of such transactions to form criteria for future decisions. If the produced data is stored on a blockchain ledger from one data point to another, auditors will be able to make connections quickly.

Data security

Blockchain offers encryption as a default feature. Therefore, if an AI-based system produces sensitive data, it is incredibly safe to keep it on a blockchain network, rather than a traditional database. It does not only help to secure the data but keeps the addresses encrypted as well. Precisely the type of data integrity we need in this era, right?

Artificial Intelligence to manage blockchain

Computers are stupid. We task them. We operate them to make them useful. But if we deploy AI to run the PCs, the results would be incredible. Just compare extracting human information from the blockchain and an AI doing the same task.

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