This tutorial will teach you how to download and create a Nuls wallet, how to swap and stake your NULS and how to run an Agent Node.

Download your wallet

Before downloading your wallet be sure you have google chrome installed. You can download it at, or if the website is down for any reason, you can use the GitHub website source (here). Extract your wallet (for example on your desktop). Do the same if you are using a mac. This tutorial is suitable for windows and Mac users.

If you are using a windows machine and your wallet doesn’t open, use your CMD to open it.

Then run into your CMD the following prompts:

1.) cd/

2.) cd C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Nuls (Wallet location) – is like opening your folder location

3.) NULS-Wallet.exe

A google chrome tab will open your wallet. To close your wallet go on bottom right, and right-click on the NULS icon then click on exit.

Create a Wallet

Click “Wallet” then “Create a new account” and set a password. You can also skip this section if you want your wallet without a password.

If you already have an account, click on ‘Import a new account‘ and use your private key or your key store file. Please remember to backup your wallet.

To do so, you have to click on Settings, search for Account Backups, click on Backup near the wallet address, then you have to save your private key by clicking on ‘Private key backup of plaintext‘ as well as the ‘Keystore file‘ by clicking on ‘Click back keystore‘.

Remember to store both the private key and the keystore file safely! Those are the only ways to access your funds.

Please remember to store your private key and keystore file safely, and if you can, test it and see if it works before depositing any funds on your new address. Also, your Keystore file will ‘remember’ only the latest password used. If you save a keystore A with the password 123123, then you will save a keystore B with the password abcabc, each keystore will work only with the attribute password. So be careful while saving your data

How to swap your Nuls

Swapping your Nuls from ethereum blockchain to the NULS blockchain is a simple procedure. In order to start, go on the following page:

You will be asked to provide a NULS address which cannot be an Ethereum address. Then complete the Captcha.

You will see two addresses: the ‘NULS Adress‘ is where you will receive your tokens while the ‘Reclaim Adress‘ is where you have to send you Nuls tokens to be swapped. You can send your tokens from any exchange including Binance, as well as from your MEW (MyEthereumWallet).

Once you’ve sent your tokens, just wait until you will see on your swapped NULS in your wallet. The swapping procedure can take up to 24 hours, but it usually can take between 10 to 30 minutes. You can check your transactions on the token swapping page by inserting your NULS address again.

How to stake NULS

Keep in mind that you do not have to let your wallet open to stake

Each staker needs to stake at least 2000 Nuls in order to join an Agent Node. Once you have swapped your 2000 Nuls, open your wallet and Click Consensus, then you can search for your friends’ node or simply choose our node blockchain_flashnews :). Keep in mind that you do not have to let your wallet open to stake.

Clicking on ‘All consensus‘ you can see each node details such as address, commission rate, initial deposit, participants, total deposit and credits (from 0 to 1). Once you decide which node is suitable for you, click on it and you will see the following image. Go on deposit and input 2000 (minimum amount necessary to stake), then click stake.

Congratulations, now you are staking! If you decide to withdraw your funds and stake with other nodes, you can do it. Only if you start your agent node, your NULS used to start the node will be frozen for three days. Keep in mind that no-one can steal your funds if you have this doubt. You are entirely controlling your NULS.

How to run a NULS Agent Node

In NULS consensus mechanism, there would be two roles actively working. Firstly, the agent owner will have to stake 20,000 Nuls in establishing a 200,000 Nuls pool (agent node). So, in this case, you have to utilize 20 000 Nuls in order to start your poolable node.

The requirements for an Agent Node which will run without problems demand 16 GB of RAM. Also, as an agent node, your computer has to run 24/7 and provide a stable internet connection. Those requirements are a must because if your node goes offline, you will receive a red or a yellow card, but also because people prefer stable nodes.

For our node, we are using a Windows cloud computing provider so for this tutorial will cover that set up. In this way, our node can run 24/7 with the perfect requirements. Our provider is vultr, but feel free to choose your suitable company. If you desire to choose vultr you can use our referral code (here) 🙂

Obviously, there are multiple ways to host a node so just want to explain that our guide is related to a Windows node.

Once logged with vultr, go on ‘Servers‘, click on ‘deploy new server‘, then you will be asked to choose a location for your server. When you will be asked to choose your ‘server type‘, use Windows 2016 x64. For the ‘server size‘ is recommendable to choose a version with at least 16GB RAM. Our node is running a machine with 6 vCore CPU, 16 GB of RAM, 200 GB SSD, and 5000 GB Bandwidth. Additionally, we have chosen DDoS protection, but you are free to decide if you want it or not. You can upgrade your plan whenever you want. Once your node will run you will see the following information on your dashboard.

Now, to access your windows machine click on the small icon ‘View console‘ on the top of your right corner. A new tab will be opened and a connection encrypted between your computer and the machine hosted by your provider will be opened. You will see a standard windows frame. Use the password that vultr is providing you.

Now, once logged in you have to install Google Chrome, Java, download NULS wallet, unzip your file and install your wallet. If your wallet does not open, follow the above instructions.

Start your Nuls Agent Node

Now, that’s the easiest part. You have to open your wallet, which is running on your Windows cloud computing machine, and instead of creating a new wallet, click on ‘Import a new account.’ Now you have to import your private key which will access the funds on your address containing 20 000 Nuls. Set up a password, and now you can proceed.

Even if it seems that your funds are on the virtual cloud machine, do not be worried about it, because you are the only one who knows the password and private key. So even if that machine will stop working, you can always access your funds. You can check your Agent Node from multiple wallets on different computers. You only have to be sure that your cloud machine does not stop working.

To run a consensus node you have to click on consensus and near My Agent click on Create.

Now you have to fill the request with a Consensus Account which has to be the address with 20 000 NULS and will be the address where you will receive your payout. Then you have to create a second address called ‘Packing Address‘ and remember to do not use a password for this address but write down your private key in case you need it to restore it. Then you have to decide the amount of  NULS to be deposited, at least 20 000 NULS, and the Commission Rate (The proportion of the Commission is 10-100)

Click confirm and congratulations! Your node is running but the status will show ‘Wait‘ until you will reach at least 200 000 NULS deposited on your agent node, then you will see ‘Active‘. Always keep in mind that you will receive a red or a yellow card if you do not follow the rules.

Yellow card. If an agent node does not produce block within a predetermined time frame, one yellow card will be issued.

Red card: If an agent node attempts to perform hostile attacking, the agent’s deposit will be locked for 60 days; only agent’s deposit will be locked, stakers won’t be involved; that guilty account will not be allowed to create any agent node in future.

  If you decide to stop your consensus node, you have to unregister your Nuls node. To do it you have to open your wallet, click on ‘consensus,’ near ‘My Agent‘ click on ‘check‘ then ‘Unregister node.’ Now, for three days your funds deposited initially will be frozen.  

If our tutorial was helpful and you enjoyed our hard work, please join our node and stake with us 🙂 For any needs or if you want to contribute to this tutorial, feel free to reach me out on my telegram account @NicaTudor and I will be glad to help you.

This guide is constantly updated. FAQ will be added soon.

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