Lately, all the big technology companies seem to be racing for blockchain, and Microsoft is not an exception. Microsoft has been working with blockchain actively- earlier this year announcing their plan for a blockchain-based digital ID platform, where users can safely store and access sensitive information. The company has also announced the integration of a blockchain platform into Nasdaq services and partnering with Interswitch to bring trade finance to the blockchain.

Recently, the multinational technology titan presented their newest product, the Azure Blockchain Development Kit which is a platform for making end-to-end blockchain solutions accessible, fast and affordable.

Marc Mercuri, the principal program manager for Microsoft’s blockchain engineering team, has described the product in a blogpost:

“This kit extends the capabilities of our blockchain developer templates and Azure Blockchain Workbench, which incorporates Azure services for key management, off-chain identity and data, monitoring, and messaging APIs into a reference architecture that can be used to rapidly build blockchain-based applications.”

The development kit aims to ease up blockchain development processes, and integration with current systems and methods. The goal is to have blockchain applications up and running in a few days, instead of the tedious development process for months.

The platform will have three primary skills: firstly, creating and connecting interfaces of mobile clients, IoT devices, and voice systems. Secondly, integrating “off-chain” media as data, software, Office documents and deploying smart contracts and blockchain business networks.

Microsoft included Workbench integrations scenarios into the kit in areas as legacy apps and protocols, SaaS, and registries. They have also introduced a whitepaper named “DevOps for Blockchain Smart Contracts” explaining how to use the development kit in certain scenarios.

“The resulting applications will run atop a network that has higher rated cloud performance than other large-scale providers and enable federating identities between participants using Azure Active Directory,” said Mercuri in a statement.

We can see a growing competition for blockchain development solutions- large enterprises as Amazon and Microsoft are racing head-to-head in conquering the new world of enterprise blockchain.

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