While blockchain is spreading around the world, it is still not easy to gain a profound understanding of the technology. There is a lot to learn about blockchain: cryptography, coding, business cases, smart contracts, and there are new developments each day.

We here at Blockchain Flash News put together a small list of mainly free resources, which can help you grab more than the essence of blockchain technology. Our recommendations spread from a beginner’s perspective all the way to coding, to make sure you all find what you are looking for.



The technology giant IBM is a pioneer when it comes to blockchain applications for business. Besides applying the first use cases in real enterprise environments, they have also prepared an impressive selection of learning resources. Their Blockchain for Dummies workbook is a great basic guide to mastering the business application perspective. They have also created a Blockchain Foundation for Developers, a video course on Coursera, which focuses on basics for software developers, but truly anyone can grab the essence of the technology from there.


Lisk is a blockchain application development platform using the popular JavaScript language. They have created the Lisk Academy, which explains the basics of blockchain technology and blockchain for business. Their explanations are thorough, yet not extensive, and just enough technical. It is one of the best and less mainstream resources for explaining the essentials. Check it out!

Flash Learn

If you are looking for a basic understanding of blockchain technology you do not have to go any further. Visit the Flash Learn section on our website, which explains the essential parts of blockchain, each week with a new topic. The bite-sized articles are written for anyone who is interested in blockchain, no previous knowledge or experience required. Understand the basics of technology, look into the use cases, learn what blockchain can do with Blockchain Flash News!


University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia was the first university to develop a Digital Currency Master’s degree, and they still number one in Bitcoin and Blockchain education. The course is entirely online, taught by esteemed experts as Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis. The total course takes 18 months, at a cost of 12,000 euros.

What might be even better is that they also offer a free introductory MOOC in 12 sessions. The course covers both technical introductions to blockchain technology and digital currencies, as well as economic, legal and financial aspects.

The Ivy League

Top universities are rushing to offer exclusive education for the latest disruptive piece of technology both on and offline. You can enjoy a class with Princeton Online about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies via Coursera for free, or try a Blockchain for Business course with Cornell with a heavy pricetag.


The biggest blockchain organization Consensys has also created a great course on Coursera, both for developers and non-developers. The course covers in about 10 hours the fundamentals of blockchain, what it can do, and the use cases directly from Consensys. The program can be completed for free, but to gain a certificate for completion you would need to pay $85 US dollars.


B9 Lab

B9 Lab Academy jump starts your career in blockchain coding. Their courses cover multiple platforms, like Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, or EOS, and span through several levels of specialization. The introductory courses are free, but if you want to dive deeper, the courses are charged between 450-1450 EUR each. Regarding the fact that blockchain developers are still in very high demand, I am guessing this investment will gain a return soon.


Cryptozombies does not just simply teach you boring lines of code- they have created a gamified way to learn how to create your own DApp on the Ethereum network. It goes from zero to hero with Solidity, the coding language of Ethereum, building smart contracts, and creating your own game in the meantime. Have fun, make zombies, code blockchain!

Regardless of which course you choose, you are now taking a step into the decentralized future with these amazing courses. Don’t forget- the technology is ever evolving- stay tuned for news and updates on Blockchain Flash News.

Barbora Juhaszova

Barbora is an MBA graduate in Digital Business, and a blockchain enthusiast. She loves to put complicated concepts into cool content and amazing projects. She is a devoted explorer in blockchain, business and the world. For more get in touch at barboratheexplorer.com!

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