Italy will enter the European Blockchain Partnership, according to the secretary of the Chamber presidency Mirella Liuzzi.

The collaboration was launched last April by 22 EU member states but by choice of previous governments, Italy still did not figure.

As reported by Key4biz, Minister Di Maio will sign the partnership in Brussels today.

The European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) has been created as a vehicle for cooperation amongst the Member States to share experience in the new technology and prepare for the launch of EU-wide Blockchain applications across the Digital Single Market.

During the interview Liuzzi stated:

“Joining the partnership will allow Italy to define its own line in the development of blockchain technology, a practice which the previous government had never implemented”

And she concluded:

“Mise will shortly launch the call for blockchain experts for the drafting of the national strategy of the sector. We want to give a strong impetus and a systematic approach to blockchain”

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