This article covers various aspects of IBM Blockchain Platform in details. These aspects are:

  • The IBM Platform Solutions
  • Blockchain for the Banking and Financial Sector
  • Blockchain for the Manufacturing Industries
  • IBM Blockchain for Dummies Course
  • Should you choose IBM Blockchain for your enterprise?

The IBM Blockchain Platform is a fully fledged business-supporting platform that provides extensive services for complex blockchain networks.

Blockchain technology is swiftly replacing the old school databases as a moderate way of sharing data between different enterprises. Unlike databases, blockchain provides a much-needed platform for data sharing. Therefore, it enables businesses to keep synchronized transaction records on different servers.

Firstly, the IBM blockchain has not only been favored by businesses but also other industries as well.

In food supply, for example, clients are using IBM Blockchain Platform to connect growers, distributors, processors, and retailers. Thanks to a joint food system, all the data is collected and stored accessible to all of the network members.

Other industries that have opted to use this new advanced technology are the Health Sector, Automotive, Education, Defense, Aerospace as well as Banking and Financial sectors, to mention just a few. These industries are being transformed to greater heights through IBM Blockchain technology.

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The IBM Blockchain Solutions

As earlier stated, dozens of companies, businesses, and ventures in different industries have adopted the IBM Blockchain Platform in running their day to day activities and data processing.

The automotive industry is one of such industries. As it is globally evident, the automotive industry is undergoing a rapid revolution with new inventions each day.

The manufacturers no longer determine the market, but the consumer’s preferences and driving experiences are now the key determiners.

As auto manufacturers embrace digital forms of marketing and data handling, most of them opt to employ the effectiveness of IBM Blockchain Platform. These companies have acquired the IBM Garage solution which they use to create a seamless experience for their customers.

The Garage comes with services such as the IBM cloud, mobile, cognitive and IoT which develops an interconnected system for related products in the motor industry.

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IBM blockchain for the Banking and Financial Sector

The Banking and Financial sector has not been left behind. The IBM Blockchain Platform is one of the widely used blockchain technologies. Consequently, more than 500 businesses use IBM’s blockchain solutions.

While the RegTech sector evolves, the need by banks and other financial ventures to adopt new technologies is inevitable. Furthermore, blockchain technology helps institutions to meet their reporting, regulatory monitoring, risk management, and compliance requirements.

The IBM Blockchain technology helps companies in risk management through its Integrated Risk management programs.

IBM Solutions are used to combat the next generation of cyber insecurity, such as fraud and financial crimes. Clients also get to learn on Government compliance and risks.

In core banking, IBM Blockchain enables banks to stay on their top game through innovations and solutions which make their business remain efficient and agile. The cloud integrated platform allows banks to shift from traditional infrastructure paving the way to innovations.

IBM security provides fast and secure channels for data processing and management for banks. These integrated tools step up your business security through GDPR compliance which has a reputable resilience.

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Open banking and API economy

Thanks to its open banking Platform, IBM enables bankers to create new apps featuring low-risk innovation and open banking capabilities.

Furthermore, payments and transaction are easier, faster and secure than before due to the IBM blockchain solutions. Therefore, a unified hub accommodates all the emerging payments methods, facilitating financial transactions.

This platform leverages existing technologies to give room for bank participation in the API economy, whose evolution is sweeping across the business models and monetization. With the current competition in the banking industry, leading banks are opting to use open banking systems which allow their customers to carry out financial transactions anywhere at any time. Finally, the IBM Platform enables companies to keep customers in one secure location accessible by all thus simplifying the front office hassle.

This platform allows banks to built a redefined customer relationship through the development of a customer-focused infrastructure in all channels.

IBM blockchain for the manufacturing industries

The manufacturing industries have also adopted the IBM Blockchain Platform in improving workstations. A good example is Flotek, which is using the IBM Watson artificial intelligence to reduce complicated processes and deliver high ROI to its clients.

On the other hand, the Cheniere Energy has employed the use of IBM Maximo to extend the lifespan of assets and prevent the unexpected downtime. CSOT is combining AI with human experience in product inspection minimizing risks and flaws.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) teamed up with IBM in order to create and launch a blockchain-based platform for its commodities.

Manufacturers are opting to use the IBM Watson artificial intelligence to predict the market demand, increase the assets lifespan anticipate maintenance solutions and pinpointing quality discrepancies.

Supply Chain, IoT, and Cloud solutions

The IBM cloud has played a critical role in improving productivity and profitability by delivering real-time insights which are great time savers and cost-effective.

The IBM IoT solutions instead, enable factories to continue monitoring its data allowing machine faults detection, preventive downtime and increase the quality and productivity. On the other hand, the security solutions hardens your factory internet defense mechanisms by protecting sensitive data and preventive external hacks.

Retail and Consumer Products industry has extensively invested in the use of Artificial Intelligence for predictive analytics. In a survey carried out by Forester Consulting, 75% of the attested to using AI, still have to face shortages and market down challenges.

With IBM blockchain, the transparency of the distribution channels increases among with the visibility, trust, and efficiency.

The Golden State Foods company can now trace food from the source directly to the consumer, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The IBM Watson supply chain predicts demand and order fulfillment in real time.

With the supply chain solutions, retailers can now streamline processes, optimize input, manage inventory and anticipate demand at the lowest consumption level.

Apart from supply chain management, IBM blockchain platform is suitable for day to day store operations. This is a necessity for a retail company which seeks to remain ahead of other competitors as retail business models, customer preferences and profiles change every day.

IBM also offers in-store solutions. Thanks to its AI systems, customer’s experience is improved by analyzing shoppers interactions, providing useful data to shelf products optimization.

With IBM’s AI technology, businesses can now stay ahead of the pack by predicting and anticipating customers’ expectations.

IBM Blockchain for Dummies

In case you are new to blockchain technology, no need to panic. The IBM Blockchain Platform has a blockchain for dummies course which tackles everything one has to know about blockchain.

After the course completion, the candidates are presented with a blockchain certification. The course gives learners the ability to manipulate new technologies, boost their businesses, and increas the room for innovation. The IBM Blockchain for Dummies course is free and also available for offline downloads.

After the dummies course, you will be eligible to join the IBMers network and maybe get IBM blockchain jobs if qualified.

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Should you choose IBM Blockchain for your enterprise?

You might not appreciate the insurmountable benefits IBMers enjoy until you have a test of the experience. As one of the largest blockchain networks, IBM blockchain prides in more than 1500 industry workers around the globe. But why should you choose IBM’s blockchain solutions?

  • The IBM Blochain Platform is easy to develop and built;

IBM has an easy-to-use the system, and with one click, you will have your network set up and running. The systems have a whole collection of different tools, demos, developer and templates.

  • The platform enables you to create applications suitable for your business.

The feature is supported by Hyperledger fabric SDK, AI, IoT, Integration capabilities, data analytics and more to build suitable applications for your blockchain networks.

  • Gives you leads to the best available networks within your niche.

With these options, you can easily select which networks suits you and join them.

  • Members have free access to resources such as publications and webinars.

Webinars provide a rare opportunity to meet with architects of IBM Platform. They offer answers to roundtable questions and discussions.

Plans and pricing

The IBM Blockchain Starter Plan is suitable for small business. It comes with a full starter pack tutorials and how-to information. New users can also claim a $500 credits to cover membership fee.

The next step for those who desire to upgrade the IBM Blockchain Platform Enterprise plan is the next step.

Other plans include the IBM Blockchain Platform for IBM Cloud Private which comes with features such as Hyperledger Fabric 1.2 features.

For those who need a multi-cloud architecture, the IBM Blockchain Platform for AWS is a perfect choice. The platform features also a free version but with community support only.


IBM Blockchain Platform is focused on delivering quality services to the world. Armed with its AI capabilities such as the IBM Watson and the IBM Maximo, it is the next big thing in the blockchain technology.

As a result, its secure and robust blockchain channels are being used by many businesses and industries around the globe because of the high value offered.

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