Huawei is among the leading technology giants with its wide range of products. The company has been a principal investor in blockchain technology.

In 2016, it joined Hyperledger. The open source platform is hosted by Linux Foundation and is among the best of its kind. Huawei plays a significant role in maintaining the Hyperledger and is the only company from Asia to hold such a responsibility.

Huawei Cloud

According to the official website, this service which was launched in November 2015 helps developers and global enterprises to manage, create and deploy blockchain applications at a minimal cost.

This service can be used for various cases such as Internet of Things, data, identity authentication, remote healthcare, proof of information, IoT device management and food source training among more other applications.

During the launch, an official from the company commented that this service provides substantial assistance to establish a technological ecosystem and transform industries digitally.

Some of the advantages of using Huawei Cloud include:

  • Open and easy to use;

Huawei promises a platform that allows users to deploy in minutes and with a simple configuration. This is made possible because the platform is built in compliance with Hyperledger Fabric.

  • Privacy protection with robust security;

There are complete isolation and management of users, permissions, and keys. This is made possible by multilayer encryption which is not possible to manipulate.


Compared to other enterprise solutions, Huawei Cloud is cheaper as it charges on a pay-per-use basis. This implies that you will only pay when you use the platform.

The company believes that blockchain technology is not something new but just only logical reconstruction of some technologies that have been in existence. Some of the technologies that this company notes include cryptography, smart contracts and distributed ledgers. In a bid to avoid duplication of its efforts, Huawei patented an idea that allows verification function of P2P content on the blockchain platform.

According to a company representative, Huawei aims at providing blockchain solutions in the following fields:

  • Digitalization – Multi-party distributed ledgers will help optimize processes and efficiency in government offices, transport sector, energy industry and finance sector.
  • Artificial intelligence – The blockchain provides verifiable data which makes it easy to analyze and apply in vertical markets.
  • Network – Create a self-organized Internet of Things network that supports M2M secure communication, resource sharing and M2M transactions.

The blockchain phone

Huawei is the 3rd largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world and is even looking for ways to perform better. Huawei revealed its intention to develop a blockchain smartphone in early 2018. The company has been in talks with Sirin Labs as it seeks to use the SIRIN OS in the new line of phones powered by the blockchain technology. This is the first move from mobile phones manufacturers, and others might follow suit. According to inside sources, the smartphone will also come with a cold cryptocurrency wallet. The company also has plans to create a register that will record ownership of its phones on the blockchain.

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