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One of the largest crypto exchange recently overtook Deutsche Bank, one of the largest Germany’s bank and financial institution, raising the question if the company is the fastest profitable unicorn in history. The following analysis contains open data which can be found on CoinMarketCap and from crypto exchanges declarations, so the following numbers are a rough estimate.

Poloniex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, owned by payments firm Circle. The company was founded in January 2014 by Tristan D’Agosta and is based in Wilmington, Delaware. Poloniex daily income from trading fees is about 170,000 USD.

Kraken was launched in September 2013 by Jesse Powell after he visited the offices of what was then the largest bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, to offer assistance after the first of two major hacks. Seeing how poorly Mt. Gox was run, Powell decided to found Kraken. Kraken is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange operating in Canada, the EU, and Japan, being the world’s largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity. The company provides Bitcoin pricing to the Bloomberg Termina and its daily income is 500,000 dollars.

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in December 2012 as a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. The company is owned and operated by iFinex Inc., which is headquartered in Hong Kong and registered in the British Virgin Islands. BitFinex is also known for its close links with Tether one of the most famous stable coins. The company gains from daily fees are around 1,100,000 USD.

Gdax exchange which is a part of Coinbase and now rebranded as Pro. Coinbase was founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. The company is based in San Francisco, California and is gaining about 1,300,000 USD daily.

Bittrex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 2013 by Bill Shihara and two business partners, all of whom previously worked as security professionals at Microsoft. The platform is one of the most profitable exchanges with an income of about 1,400,000 USD from daily fees.

Binance is an international, multi-language cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan. The company raised 15 million dollars in a July 2017 through an Initial Coin Offering issuing its ERC-20 BNB token. Binance launched the trading platform on July 14th, 2017 at 12:00 (Beijing Time), and it less than eight months overtook Deutsche Bank in profitability. The company was profitable just three months after the launch. Binance is gaining from daily fees about 2,300,000 USD.

Huobi was founded in 2013 by Leon Li and was one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in China before the shutdown with about 2,500,000 USD gains from daily trading fees.

UpBit is a South Korean exchange launched by KakaoTalk the largest South Korean messenger in 2017, and the company is making an astonishing 2,600,000 dollars per day from trading fees.


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