Global Media Blockchain Alliance Established in Hong Kong


As reported by the daily newspaper China Times, more than 100 mainstream media have launched the Global Media Blockchain Alliance (BIMG) in Hong Kong.  The purpose is to create a healthy public opinion environment for the blockchain industry.

In response to the spread of blockchain information, the BIMG will play a key role to contribute to the healthy development of the blockchain industry and provide high-quality information.

The Global Media Blockchain Alliance will create an open membership entry mechanism for new media built on blockchain technology.

Furthermore, BIMG will co-host the Global Media Blockchain Summit, with B&E, Cybernaut, LA Blockchain Lab, IDEAS, NOVA ONE and ZERO-ONE CAPITAL.

The summit, that will take place at UCLA, is the first world-wide blockchain conference integrated with media to build interconnection of global blockchain community.

Gianmarco Ebeling

Economics student with a passion for high-tech and innovation. Enthusiastic about the blockchain revolution and his potential to improve all aspects of our lives.

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