The title must have triggered a series of crazy yet innovative thoughts in your head. If you happen to be aware of the blockchain technology, you must be wondering as to whether a self-driving car would add blocks in the chain for honking at you or not. Well, there are more significant things to handle here.

This patent would allow General Motors to obtain, manage and store the data of self-driving cars on a blockchain in a decentralized manner. If you are unaware of the technology, please note that it enables storage of information on an array of nodes, while maintaining utmost standards for immutability and privacy. Therefore, it serves as a perfect model for the use case of autonomous vehicles which require pinnacle integrity for event-driven data.

General Motors also outlines the exact, comprehensive flow through which the data would be generated and stored, while ensuring that only authorized users on the network can view it – hence, constituting a permissioned blockchain.

Working at the core of self-driving cars is the navigation system. As of yet, we have different navigation apps for varying Operating Systems. However, if the entire navigation data is put up on a blockchain ledger, nobody would have the autonomy, and the information will be interoperable. But that’s one among a variety of use cases presented in the patent.

Users are also at the liberty to get information regarding refueling stations (or charging stations for electric cars) and other major locations that a traveler might want to visit during a journey.

It would also allow the ticketing authorities to upload the relevant information on a public ledger, hence encouraging a transparent and trustworthy environment. Moreover, different service providers, based on their authority level, can also put up information regarding the paid services the car has availed. So, let’s say if user A wants to buy a used self-driven car, he doesn’t have to rely on the trustworthiness of the seller. Just search the blockchain, and every single detail will be presented in a matter of clicks.

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