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Consumer reviews are now part of everyday decision-making. Yet, the credibility of these reviews is fundamentally undermined when businesses commit review fraud, creating fake reviews for themselves or their competitors.

Fake online reviews are being openly traded on the internet, a BBC investigation has found. BBC 5 live Investigates was able to buy a false, five-star recommendation placed on one of the world’s leading review websites, Trustpilot.

A Russian marketing agency has offered to help restaurants in cities hosting the soccer World Cup use fake reviews to bump up ratings on review site TripAdvisor, the agency’s owner has confirmed. Marketing company says it can circumvent TripAdvisor’s algorithm for detecting fraudulent posts and publish reviews in foreign languages ahead of an influx of fans from abroad.

For 35,000 roubles ($570), the agency promises a spot in TripAdvisor’s top 10 list. “We are offering to help tourists find you, and to leave their money specifically with you,” it writes.

According to a Harvard study, 16% of Yelp restaurant reviews are fake.

But how can we protect ourselves from fake reviews and be sure to choose the right place? First of all, we should do a search, see if most of the comments are made on the same day, if the profile picture is true, how many reviews were made by the same person and in which places. A grind…In short, we can say that hunger has already passed.

Blockchain to fight fake reviews

GastroAdvisor wants, through the Blockchain, help people from all over the world to easily find restaurants and venues that match their personal taste, making it easier for the gastronomic businesses to find new customers, growing in the web market.

The token of GastroAdvisor (FORK) will be used as a reward for the users who, by booking and reviewing, contribute to the GA community, while some compensation will be donated to the hospitality employers who will affiliate to Gastro Advisor, contributing to get proper information and accepting tokens at the counter.

“We will build a platform to book, pay and recommend restaurants, which has never been used before, working alongside the users to provide high quality, clear and trustworthy informations,” declared the CEO, Rosso Samuele.

Gastro Advisor creates the first blockchain certified gastronomic review. This function will only be available at restaurants who will accept the FORK Token and more digital currencies from Gastro Advisor’s users at the counter. Just after the user’s payment, the transaction hash will be saved automatically by the GA platform through a specific Smart Contract and, on the user’s profile, the possibility will successively be notified to post a review, within the next 30 days.

By forwarding the review, the Smart Contract will make a second payment with the reward amount to the restaurateurs and the hash of the first transaction of the user/restaurant. The fees will be added to the expense of Gastro Advisor. The review will then be saved inside the blockchain and forever immutable. Any other user will be able to verify the transaction and the review, written on both the Gastro Advisor’s platform and the blockchain through the transaction hash.

In addition to the search browser of the gastronomic venues, the first entirely gastronomic social network (SocialFood) will be created. This will make it possible to discover, with just a couple of clicks, news, and activities of all the users of the community.

Token Engine

The Gastro Advisor system allows the payment of purchases in the affiliate restaurants through FORK tokens. The application will enable users and businesses to convert FORK tokens through an automatic conversion system, integrated into the platform.

FORK will be an ERC-20 token (based on Ethereum technology). The Total Supply will be 200.000.000 (200 Million) of FORK created through a smart contract. Visit Gastro Advisor official webpage for more information.


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