Facebook is a dream company for many tech geeks. It surprised blockchain researchers and engineers by listing five different jobs within the last three weeks. If you are excited about it too, please note that the roles demand software and data engineers/scientists. What’s more encouraging for career-oriented candidates is that the jobs are based in their HQ and offer full-time roles.

What are they looking for in the candidates?

It is worth mentioning that Facebook blockchain jobs will cast a positive impact on the industry. Therefore, for the latest role of Product Marketing Lead, the company is looking for intellectual and technical candidates.

For the ‘Software Engineer, Blockchain’ post, Facebook seeks a specialist who could play a pivotal role in creating distributed components. Currently, the social media giant receives millions of requests in a second and this has raised serious scalability issues. In the last couple of months, users have also experienced brief downtimes. Therefore, it is necessary that a fault-tolerant infrastructure is deployed.

Facebook blockchain job drive is not only limited to finding new candidates. In fact, there have been multiple transfers and job role switching within the organization as well. For instance, in July 2018, Facebook’s Director of Engineering started working with the blockchain team. The goal was to study an array of use cases that could be integrated with several Facebook services.

How much could you get paid?

Hired, a job search marketplace, published a report, identifying that within one year, the average salary of a blockchain engineer increased by about 400 percent. This is quite a great jump, given that there are already a limited number of engineers available in the very domain.

Blockchain happens to be an emerging technology and since industry giants, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are preferring it, the salary scale is expected to go even higher.

According to a recruiting agency, blockchain developers could even earn about $0.5 million in a year, given that they have an experience of more than 3 years.

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