Companies in different industries are eagerly getting on the blockchain train. The latest to do so is Johnson Controls, a global conglomerate that manufactures parts for electronics, batteries and HVAC equipment. Johnson Controls will be collaborating with Civic, a blockchain-based identity solution, to manage access to its buildings.

The multinational’s C-CURE 9000 Security and Event Management Systems will integrate with Civic’s Secure ID Platform (SIP). This means that visitors to Johnson Controls buildings around the world will have to use the Civic app to verify their identity.

The two companies believe that this collaboration will make it easier to verify and manage the identity of visitors to Johnson Controls’ buildings. This initiative is expected to kick off in three New York locations that boast of more than 20,000 visitors monthly.

Typically, visitors use a physical ID and contact information to gain access to the buildings. But with this new development, visitors simply need to use their Civic App to scan a QR code on the C-CURE 9000 sign-in outlet. In essence, this eliminates the need for physical IDs or entering information on a form.

But that is not all. 

The Civic app also uses blockchain to securely store visitors data without worries of a breach by hackers.

How is this possible?

The Civic app stores the data of visitors on their mobile devices and uses biometrics for added protection.

Vinny Lingham, Civic CEO and co-founder made his thoughts known in a press release.

“Today, we all carry various items to identify ourselves, from government-issued IDs to find that grant us building access. By integrating the Civic App, anyone who needs to visit a C-CURE 9000 secured building will have the opportunity to identify themselves with their Civic App.”  

Elaborating further, Lingham noted that Civic enables building guests to prove who they are with a mobile device, rather than requiring them to show an ID document, sign a visitor logbook, and stand in line to check-in and out of a facility. We’re looking forward to working with Johnson Controls to bring blockchain-powered identity verification to enable secure access management to guests across the U.S.

Do you think more companies will also adopt this system of identity verification? Do pen your answers in the comment section.

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