Chilean Blockchain Adoption
Chilean Blockchain Adoption

Maintaining notaries is a pretty expensive affair for the Chilean government and indeed any other government. The solution according to two Chilean deputies is to keep the data instead in a blockchain.

The proposal introduced in the lower house asks President Sebastian Pinera to put blockchain at the center of all public services in the South American nation.

The deputies Miguel Angel Calisto and Giorgio Jackson are behind the bill and another eight members are backing. Jackson argues that using blockchain will significantly reduce costs, he is quoted by a local news outlet Fortin Mapocho.

His ally for the bill Calisto further argues that the technology will help strengthen the accuracy of information held by the government.

While there is still uncertainty over the fate of cryptocurrencies which are powered by blockchain, the region is not entirely new to the technology.

Nations like Brazil are planning to use it for its public petitions system using Ethereum. Argentina, on the other hand, is planning to use it for governance.

Chilean government was considering adopting blockchain technology for the national energy grid as far back as February 2018 according to the energy regulator.

The move was taken to assure that its public data was not being altered.

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