The blockchain is on course to revolutionize a variety of niches and video gaming is just one of the use cases. The interest of several venture capitalists is logical as the industry is worth more than $100 billion. What’s more exciting is the fact that more than 2 billion people use it around the Globe. Therefore, the potential to familiarize them with new ideas and boost your earnings is huge!

It does not only allow the gamers to carry out financial transactions securely but also enables the game developers to track vital statistics.

Do people encourage the use of blockchain in video gaming?

It totally depends on their exposure to the blockchain, but those who are familiar with it, are more than willing to see the blend.

Moreover, in recent months, numerous gaming ventures have been launched on blockchain technology and are receiving decent appreciation. For instance, Mythical Games just announced $16 million in funding for developing games on EOSIO blockchain. One of the coolest things is that the very blockchain allows video gaming on consoles, PC and mobiles. What’s even more encouraging is that Mythical Gaming wants to empower gamers across the Globe by creating a player-owned economy.

The blockchain industry has also observed significant growth in ICOs from the last year. The reason why plenty of people favor it is because of the efficiency, reliability, and security. For instance, game developers could even allow the players to earn and share rewards through the platform.

Source: NewZoo
Source: NewZoo

Talking about console-based video gaming, there have been a couple of ventures recently. Arcade Distillery, a game developer, is all set to roll out a blockchain based video game for the PS4. They plan to launch ‘Plague Hunters’ by using the ERC-721 token. If you are curious as to whether the renowned game developers would accept it, please note that Plague Hunters has passed Sony’s review process.

Looking at all these trends and developments, it is pretty obvious that blockchain might overtake the current technology being used to deploy video games. When it comes to scalability, reliability, reward sharing, and multiplayer gaming, nothing beats the perks of the blockchain.

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