This year has seen the blockchain developer job become the most in-demand skill. It has grown by 33 percent over the past year, according to a report that was published by LinkedIn on emerging jobs in the U.S. According to the professional social site, listings for the position have exploded due to continued interest in cryptocurrencies.

It’s no surprise that a question like what is Bitcoin has been one of the most asked questions this year. Also, the number of consumers that are purchasing crypto has nearly doubled. This in spite of the crypto-market losing over 80 percent of its value.

Ethereum is a key skill necessary to land a Blockchain developer job

In a blog post, Guy Berger, the chief economist at LinkedIn, wrote:

“It also may not shock you that Blockchain developer is topping the list following this year’s surge in interest around blockchains and cryptocurrency.”

According to a new report from Cambridge, at least 1,876 people work full-time in the crypto. However, the number is likely to be over 2,000. Specifically, if large mining companies and other organizations that did not provide headcounts are considered.

On average, the companies surveyed indicated that they had 21 full-time employees. The increased demand for the Blockchain developer job has also put upward pressure on salaries. According to Hired, a job recruitment firm, a blockchain developer commands as much as $175,000.

According to LinkedIn, one requires to understand Ethereum, and Node.js to land the job. Solidity is a programming language that creates smart contracts. Ethereum is an open source blockchain that supports smart contracts. And Node.js is a JavaScript that writes command line tools on blockchain servers or nodes.

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