The Blockchain revolution is here to stay given the disruptive nature of the new emerging technology. Just like the internet, the ledger technology is poised to fuel the next phase of the industrial revolution as it continues to enhance efficiencies in various sectors.

Demand for people with relevant skills on blockchain technology is on the rise. Businesses and companies were coming to terms with the potential impact of the revolutionary technology, continues to fuel demand for blockchain experts.

Top universities, as well as other learning institutions, have added courses touching on the ledger technology in the effort of meeting demand for such skill sets in the market. Some of the programs on offer can take one from being a newbie on matters blockchain to a developer in a short period.

Growth in Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain courses are divided into two. Developer focused courses, seek to impart relevant skills for installing and coding within a blockchain ecosystem. Such courses are ideal for people who wish to be blockchain developers.

Business-focused blockchain courses, on the other hand, tend to discuss the theory and potential application areas of the technology. Such courses are ideal for people who wish to learn the fundamental of the technology from a business perspective.

Below are the top five-blockchain technology courses that one can learn online to gain a head start and be marketable in the burgeoning sector.

Blockchain for Business by Linux Foundation

Blockchain for business by the Linux Foundation is a blockchain course that seeks to teach businesses professional’s ways of creating blocks of the blockchain. The online course seeks to provide clear-cut insights on how to leverage technology in a business setting.

Prospective students will be able to learn how to build simple blockchain applications. In the end, one should be able to address challenges in businesses settings using blockchain technology. Enroll into the blockchain course to learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology and explore distributed ledger technologies and their potential impact.

The online course comes with plenty of assignments for practicing blockchain concepts. Students also stand to learn how to develop decentralized applications on top of Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric.

Princeton University Blockchain Courses

The Princeton University blockchain course is ideal for blockchain developers still in the early stages of their careers. The ultimate goal of the course is to provide a basic understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies as well as cryptography.

Also, the blockchain course strives to equip upcoming blockchain developers with necessary blockchain-related coding skills. It is an ideal course for learning the basics of blockchain for real-world application as it provides an excellent balance of theory and code. The blockchain course is on offer free.

Udemy Blockchain Fundamental Course

For those who cherish learning through video, then Udemy Blockchain fundamentals course is the way to go. The course is ideal for people who wish to learn how blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies work. It is one of the top blockchain online courses depicted by more than 11,000 review and 4.7 ratings on Udemy website.

The blockchain training is offered by, George Levy, who is an award-winning blockchain and Bitcoin instructor. Besides, Udemy also offers an Ethereum themed course, ideal for people who wish to learn smart contracts and gain an in-depth breakdown of Ethereum concepts.

At the end of the blockchain course, students should be able to model and design viable blockchain applications. The two courses are available at $9.99 each.

IBM Blockchain Foundation Course

IBM is one of the tech giants spearheading blockchain evolution and revolution. The company has already come up with many applications leveraging the ledger technology. In addition to blockchain innovation, the tech giant is also giving people a way to familiarize and learn the basics of the technology for real-world application.

IBM Blockchain Foundation is a top blockchain course for would be blockchain developers with programming skills. The course is also best suited for computer science students given the level of coding involved. Under the guidance of experienced IBM developers, students should be able to learn the basics of the technology.

As time goes by, learners would have to leverage their command prompt and JavaScript skills to do some coding. The ultimate goal of the blockchain training is to equip students with the skills to model and come up with simple blockchain solutions.

The course runs for six weeks upon which one would come up with an IBM blockchain certification as well as a digital badge.

Blockchain Certification from UC Berkley

The UC blockchain certification course seeks to impart students with relevant blockchain skill from a technical and non-technical point of view.

Students stand to explore the blockchain architecture as well as decentralized application and blockchain ecosystem at large. Students should be able to come up with their own model’s hypothesis and use cases leveraging blockchain at the end of the course.

The blockchain course comes with well-structured content as well as content covering all aspects of blockchain technology. The instructor’s goal is to impart knowledge on blockchain basics in an interactive way for an easy understanding of fundamentals before practical assignments. In addition, students will be able to have a clear understanding of Bitcoin Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Prospective students stand to gain insights on how to work on scalability challenges and come up with potential solutions. The duration of the blockchain course is six weeks three to five hours a week.

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