Experts have always emphasized that the true potential of blockchain must not be confused with that of cryptocurrency. This is because crypto is just its financial use case. However, since masses still consider the two different concepts as ‘one,’ the blockchain industry is also facing a difficult time because of the crypto fall.

As of yet, it is an imminent requirement to gain trust, but it will take some time. In the meanwhile, different blockchain communities are emphasizing to establish a solid foundation. This is important to avoid any future disruption in the market.

Blockchain community needs to spread out and be with the masses

If you are following the niche closely, you must already be aware that crypto and blockchain community members are quite introvert. Only the founders and CEOs seem to be talking out loud.

However, as of now, it is a requirement that the regular participants come out of Telegram and Discord channels. They need to spread the word and interact actively on different forums in order to keep up the spirits.

When people will watch a community getting involved in a healthy discussion over the internet, they will gain confidence. Otherwise, the general perception regarding crypto and blockchain would prevail as a ‘fraudulent mechanism to suck money.’

Build long-term trust

There is an immense hype these days, and in order for a technology to prosper in the long run, there must be a concrete foundation behind ‘hype.’ For such ventures, communities play a pivotal role and prove that the hype is not hollow. In fact, it clarifies that people are interested in something for a ‘reason.’

As of yet, there are only a handful of blockchain and crypto communities on the internet, including the one on Bitcointalk.

According to a PWC survey which involved about 600 executives, more than 80% said that their companies are investing in the blockchain and about 25% of the interviewee are considering regulation as the most significant obstacle.

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