South Korea’s biotechnology firm Macrogen will create a blockchain-based platform that would support DNA and other medical information, according to a company press release.

The platform will be built together with local tech firm Bigste.  It will allow to store and transfer large amounts of sensitive genomic and personal information.

As the press release reports, genomic information utilization value is very high.

By analyzing individual genomes, doctors can diagnose disease or provide customized treatment, and even predict and prevent disease.

Since genomic information is sensitive personal information in which an individual’s biological characteristics are recorded, special care is needed in terms of sharing and utilization. For this reason, the data will be stored and shared using blockchain technology.


Macrogen CEO Yang Kap-Seok commented:

“Despite its wide utility, gene data has been difficult to move around due to privacy protection issues and technological barriers. We hope that our upcoming blockchain-based platform will allow health care genetic and medical big data to be circulated freely.”

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